Meet Mark Bailey

Mark Bailey
I chose an international affairs programme in Washington DC to be at the heart of global debates on foreign policy, and to interact with leading practitioners and academics in the field....

US University: Georgetown University
US University Website:
US State: District of Columbia
Level Of Study: Postgraduate
Length Of Study abroad: Full Degree
Field: Humanities & Social Sciences
Course: International Relations/Studies
Region From: NW England
Hometown: Clitheroe
UK School/University Attended: Oxford University
Years Abroad: 2011 - 2013

As a student of international affairs, Washington DC is an unrivalled place to pursue a postgraduate degree. Not only do I have the chance to study under leading practitioners - such as Madeleine Albright or Andrew Natsios - in the classroom, but also have the opportunity to work in leading international organisations.

Alongside my studies this year, I have worked at the Council on Foreign Relations and intend to work for the UN this summer.

Alongside a grant from the Fulbright Commission, I received a scholarship from Georgetown, which made my time here possible. On top of the academics, I have met people from all over the world, and had a chance to see more of the US, including through Fulbright's Enrichment Seminar, which took me to Nashville, Tennessee - for a chance to experience the country music capital of the world!

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