Gabrielle Marie Schroeder


Name: Gabrielle Marie Schroeder
Exchange Destination: UK - England
Award Name: Fulbright-Newcastle University Postgraduate Award
Host Institution: Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
Home Institution: North Carolina State University
Level Of Study: Postgraduate
Discipline: Neuroscience
Award Year: 2014-15

Gabrielle Schroeder graduated summa cum laude from North Carolina State University in 2014, where she studied molecular biology and genetics. As an undergraduate, she found an outlet for her early fascination with animal behavior and human psychology through a variety of research experiences, culminating in an honors project on the neurogenomic basis of social behaviors in the prairie vole. This work sparked her interest in computational approaches for analyzing biological data, and during her Fulbright year she will pursue a MSc in Neuroinformatics at Newcastle University. Her research project will investigate the dynamics of neural networks in schizophrenia. Gabrielle also served as president of the student organization Contra Dances with Wolves, and she is eager to explore the music and dances of the United Kingdom. Upon returning to the United States, Gabrielle will join the Neurosciences PhD Program at Stanford University as a National Science Foundation graduate research fellow.

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