James Meade Klingensmith, Jr.


Name: James Meade Klingensmith, Jr.
Exchange Destination: UK - England
Award Name: Fulbright-University of Kent Postgraduate Award
Host Institution: University of Kent
Home Institution: Oberlin College
Level Of Study: Postgraduate
Award Year: 2013-14

James Meade Klingensmith, Jr., known to friends as Meade, graduated from Ohio's Oberlin College in 2012 with a BA with honours in History and a minor in Politics. While at Oberlin, he played in a Trinidadian steel pan band called Oberlin Steel and taught an introductory course in playing pan and the history and cultural heritage of the instrument. After graduating, he moved to New York, NY, where he spent the past year working as a reporter for Remapping Debate, an online public policy magazine. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA. Meade will use his Fulbright award to enrol in the MA Modern History programme at the University of Kent, where he plans to research British cultural and political views toward nationalist movements in the Middle East during World War I and the early inter-war period.

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