Kaytie Nielsen


Name: Kaytie Nielsen
Exchange Destination: UK - Northern Ireland
Award Name: Fulbright-Queen's University of Belfast Summer Institute
Host Institution: Queen's University Belfast
Home Institution: Carnegie Mellon University
Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Award Year: 2013-14

Kaytie Nielsen is from Flower Mound, Texas, and currently attends Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. She is part of the Bachelor of Humanities and Arts program, with concentrations in Creative Writing and Directing. During high school, she was a coach in the local Special Olympics program. She also created a student theatre troupe called Dorothy L. Productions, which produces student-written works on limited budgets and donates the profits of each production to a selected charity. Much of her life was spent at Scarborough Renaissance Festival, where she works with her family in a costume shop. At Carnegie Mellon, she is the Literary Editor for Dossier, a literary and arts magazine. She is also a member of the Humanities Scholars Program. During her time in Belfast with the Fulbright programme, Kaytie seeks to gain a better understanding of the culture in Northern Ireland, which she hopes will contribute to future creative projects centered on conflict and conflict resolution. 

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