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US Awards - Interview FAQs

Q: How do I find out if I've been selected for a telephone interview?
A: Candidates selected for telephone interviews will be notified by email by Fulbright Commission staff. Please check your junk/spam email folders for any messages you may have missed. If you have not received such a message, then you have not been selected for a telephone interview at this time. Due to the high volume of applications received, it is not possible to inform all applicants individually about telephone interviews.


Q: I have been selected for a telephone interview. Now what do I do?
A: Please reply to the email you have received confirming that the time, date and telephone number we will use to call you are correct. This will ensure that we can reach you promptly and efficiently for your interview. Please note, in the interest of fairness, we cannot engage in conversation beyond confirming these details prior to or following your telephone interview.


Q: I'm confused about time zones.
A: If you have been selected for a telephone interview, the time stated in the email is UK (London) time, a.k.a. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Please use a world clock converter if you need assistance.


Q: I will be travelling / on vacation / away / in class / busy during the time and date in my interview email. Would it be possible to reschedule the telephone interview for another day?
A: No. Telephone interview dates are fixed. We are unable to reschedule interview times except in the face of extreme and insurmountable conflicts. The telephone interview is approximately 15 minutes long.


Q: I haven't been selected for a telephone interview. Can I find out why?
A: The application pool is large and highly competitive. Given the number of applications received, it is not possible for the Commission to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.


Q: Who reads the applications, conducts telephone interviews and ‘chooses’ the Fulbright award recipients?
A: A selection committee is assembled for each award category. This is typically comprised of representatives from a relevant professional field, senior academics, senior US Embassy and/or Consulate representatives, Fulbright alumni and Fulbright Commission staff.


Q: What are the telephone interviews like?
A: Telephone interviews last for approximately 15 minutes. You will be introduced to the panel members present during your telephone interview at the start of the call. We have a list of questions that we pose to all short-listed candidates. Generally, the application itself is not discussed during the telephone interview, except to seek clarification if something is not clear or perhaps has not been considered. The telephone interview is an opportunity to review the articulation of the candidates. As Fulbright grantees are cultural ambassadors and leaders in their fields, they must have strong communication skills.


Q: How do I prepare for the telephone interview?
A: It will be helpful to have the location (of the intended institution at which you wish to study and where it is located), and course dates (e.g. begins in September, finishes in May) on hand. Again, we may ask for some clarification on your application. Otherwise, we will pose questions to you; you should answer within the best of your ability. Relax, focus, and be yourself.


Q: I've done my telephone interview. What next?
A: Candidates will be contacted with next steps.


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