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Postgraduate Awards to the United Kingdom

Fulbright Awards for American citizens will open on April 3rd, 2017, Visit Fulbright's US website for application details

The Fulbright Awards Programme is the only organisation that offers scholarships for academic work in any subject, at any accredited UK university. In the 2018-19 cycle, Postgraduate Awards are offered in the All-Disciplines (Open) category, as well as forty-two partnership awards (listed below and in the grey "Postgraduates" drop down menu in the banner above.)

US-UK Fulbright Awards for study at postgraduate level fall under the Fulbright Programme for US Students.

Each postgraduate award grantee receives the full benefits of the Fulbright Awards Programme. Each award page provides details of the award, as well as eligibility and selection criteria, the application process, and timeline. Also available online are profiles of current and past scholars, as well as FAQs about the Fulbright Awards Programme.


Fulbright Applications require an Embark Application administered through the IIE Fulbright Website:


Visit the Fulbright IIE United Kingdom Page or search for the Fulbright Programme Adviser at your school or alma mater to help find the best award for your interests and experience, or read more about our available awards below:

Postgraduate Awards 2018-19