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Your Fulbright Year

As an American Fulbright grantee, you will be invited to participate in a wide range of exciting events, and benefit from a variety of additional opportunities while you are in the UK. The Fulbright Commission works hard to open doors for its scholars and postgraduate students and below is just a glimpse of what is typically on offer each year.

Preparing for Your Move
In the run-up to your arrival, Commission and host institution staff will be available to assist you with your relocation plans. Staff can assist you through the visa and grant process and offer help through pre-departure support before you arrive, ensuring that you hit the ground running.

Fulbrighters in a Red Phone Box at US Orientation 2013Arrival Orientation
At the end of every summer, all American Fulbright Scholars and Postgraduates in the UK participate in a three-day arrival Orientation in London aimed at providing practical information and tips for their time as a student, researcher or lecturer here. Sessions on grant administration are complemented by interactive discussions about politics and culture, upcoming events, and alumni opportunities. Ultimately, the entire 72 hours are meant for grantees to ask questions and to get to know one another.

Institutional Memberships and Additional Opportunities
The Commission maintains strong relationships with many organisations throughout the UK and as a result Fulbright Scholars and Postgraduates will have access to a number of institutions and events. American Fulbright Scholars and Postgraduates receive free memberships with The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (RSA) and The National Trust/Royal Oak Foundation and are invited to participate as a judge in the Institute of Ideas Debating Matters competition. Grantees also receive a free Elsevier scholar support package, which includes access to the entire suite of SciVerse products (ScienceDirect, Scopus, Applications), subject-specific databases (Embase, Compendex, BrainNavigator, Reaxys), and a wide range of online journals (including The Lancet).

Lecturing Opportunities for Scholars, Visiting Professors and Distinguished Chairs
Fulbright Scholars, Visiting Professors and Distinguished Chairs are also encouraged to deliver a free public lecture at the prestigious Gresham College (est. 1597) in London.

Fulbright Forum
Fulbright Grantees pose in front of the Titanic MuseumEvery January, all American Fulbright Postgraduate Students and Scholars in the UK are invited to attend the Commission’s week-long cultural program, Fulbright Forum. This week highlights a specific city or region within the UK. In 2014, the Forum was held at Durham University, with scholars getting a behind-the-scenes look at Durham Cathedral and Castle. Forum brought Fulbrighters to Belfast in 2015 and our most recent cohort had the great honour being hosted by the University of Manchester. Many grantees describe Forum as the most memorable and enriching experience of their time in the UK.

Interim and Final Reports
The Commission requires reports from all grantees, most of which can be completed online. Postgraduate Students will complete an interim report by the end of January and a final report by the end of July; Scholars, Visiting Professors, and Distinguished Chairs will complete only a final report. Special Programmes participants will usually complete an evaluation form. Criminal Justice and Police Research reports will be permanently stored at the British National Police Library and Scottish Police College for the good of the wider community. All reports and evaluations help us account for the spending of UK and US government funds, and ensure quality control.

Annual Seminar in Berlin
For many years, the Fulbright Commission in Berlin has arranged a mid-year Seminar enabling American Fulbright Postgraduates and Scholars from across Europe to get together, share their experiences, and discuss the achievements and problems they have encountered. The Seminar also allows the chance to experience the old and new Berlin. A variety of events, lectures, and discussions will focus on political, economic, and cultural topics and a special music gala with Fulbright musicians marks another highlight. Participation is optional and attendance is not covered by the US-UK Fulbright Commission. 

Alumni Mentors and Events                                            
Prior to arrival and during the whole of an American grantee's experience their Fulbright Friend is there to help. Fulbright Friends are UK-based Fulbright alumni who welcome American Fulbright Postgraduates and Scholars to the UK, providing hospitality and support during their stay. In addition, the UK Fulbright alumni network arranges a number of gatherings throughout the year, giving grantees and alumni the chance to meet.

Fulbrighters Enjoy Traditional Bagpipes at EndCap 2013

Fulbright End-cap Event
Towards the end of the academic year, all remaining US Fulbright grantees in the UK are invited to attend the Fulbright 'End-cap'. In 2013 the group enjoyed a variety of sessions in and around Edinburgh, while 2014 was hosted by various universities in Glasgow, and University of Stirling brought Fulbrighters together in the Highlands during End-cap 2015. Our most recent End-cap showed Fulbrighters the breadth of urban and art-based renewal across Glasgow in early July 2016 with the Glasgow School of Art.

Fulbright Association
Following your Fulbright Year, your alumni organisation, the Fulbright Association, has developed an international network enabling all Fulbright Postgraduates and Scholars to remain in contact and involved in the Fulbright Programme after their initial project has ended. Remaining active with the Association will continue to offer opportunities and allows the chance to ‘give back’ by assisting British and American scholars and students through many local chapters.

Please note: depending on the award or programme category and the project start date, not all opportunities detailed above may be offered. In addition, the Commission does not endorse any particular product, university or service.