Debating Matters

Debating Matters LogoDebating matters because ideas matter. Debates that are worth having involved issues that have an impact on the world and affect the way in which we understand and shape the world. This is the premise of the Debating Matters Competition (a programme of the Institute of Ideas), which brings a fresh approach to schools debating.

The Debating Matters Competition (DMC) is done on a regional basis and the competition is open to sixth form students.  Judging panels are comprised of high-flying external contacts (and not those from the schools).  DMC would like Fulbright Scholars to get involved with their communities and serve on judging panels. There is also scope for Fulbright Scholars to stay and speak with the students and/or staff if they desire to do so.

The Institute of Ideas Debating Matters Competition is supported by a Strategic Award from the Wellcome Trust.