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Fulbright Awards for UK Citizens

The US UK Fulbright Commission provides generous grants to UK citizens for study, research and teaching in the United States, in any subject and at any accredited US higher education institution.

Exchanges to the USA

A wide range of exchange opportunities for UK citizens are offered in the following main categories:

The British Friends of Harvard Business School MBA Award, which has a deadline in April 2016, is the only Award currently open. 

The UK Fulbright Awards for 2017-18 will be announced later in 2016.

*Please note that the "visiting student researcher" option should be used for applicants who will pursue research projects at a degree granting accredited education institution while currently enrolled in an UK/European Master’s / Doctorate programme. Applicants will be required to engage in an independent full time research project under the supervision of a research advisor at their U.S. host institution.


In order to apply for a Fulbright award you must be a UK citizen, resident anywhere except the United States. Non-UK citizens are required to apply in their country of citizenship, even if they are resident in the UK.

Each award has additional specific eligibility criteria. Please review the Selection Criteria tab on each award's page for more information.

Find Out More

To find out more about the awards opportunities on offer, including deadlines, eligibility, benefits and how to apply, please click the links above. Follow us on Twitter for application tips, news and announcements and much more.

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