The Fulbright Anniversary in Europe Award is available for a US student to carry out an independent study/research project on migration studies in Belgium, France, Greece Italy and the UK. It marks the 70th year of the Fulbright programme in Europe.

More than one million refugees poured into Europe in 2015, sparking a crisis as countries struggled to cope with the influx, creating divisions in the EU over how best to deal with genuine refugees and asylum seekers over economic migrants.

Many sacred tenets of the European experiment, like the Schengen agreement of open borders have been severely challenged. Walls have gone up and political parties are deadlocked on how to resolve the crisis.

The award is for 10 to 12 months. At least two months must be spent in each of the participating countries.

A final debriefing and a presentation of the findings will be organised by the Fulbright Commission of the last country visited.

Proposals may approach the topic from various perspectives be they legal, political, socioeconomic or ethno-cultural. Proposals must explain how each stay in the five participating countries should contribute to the overall significance of the proposed project.

Grant amount

  • €2,000 per month
  • €3,000 travel stipend

Special application instructions

In the Embark application, please select European Union in Section 2: County to Which You are Applying.

In Step B, Section 3a Award Name, please select Europe Anniversary Award.

Applicants must include a timeline of the proposed project in the Statement of Grant Purpose. Please include the proposed start and end month in the host countries.

Applicants resident in any EU country or in receipt of any European Commission funding are ineligible to apply for this Award.