University of Sheffield

The Fulbright University of Sheffield Award covers the first year of any master's degree programme offered by the university.

The University of Sheffield is in the top 100 universities around the world.  Their five faculties cover a wide range of academic disciplines:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Medicine, Dentistry and Health
  • Science  

The university's history stretches back to 1828, when the Sheffield School of Medicine was founded, and their Royal Charter was granted in 1905.

Grant amount

  • Full tuition waiver
  • £13,450 living stipend

The living stipend is intended as a contribution towards general maintenance costs towards the first year in the UK.

In the UK, master's degrees are typically one-year programmes (full-time) and PhDs are three-year programmes (full-time).