University of Birmingham

The Fulbright University of Birmingham Award covers a three-to-nine month project for researching, lecturing or teaching in or across any research-active departments at the university.

The University of Birmingham has been challenging and developing great minds for more than a century.

Characterised by a focus on innovation and research, the university has broken new ground and pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge.

Its range of research is one of the widest in the UK and has powered the university for over 100 years, won eleven Nobel prizes and made an impact on the region, the nation and the world. 

Birmingham is a university of firsts. It grew out of a radical vision for a new model of higher education in the UK. Founded in 1900, Birmingham was England’s first civic university.

That spirit of innovation continues through Birmingham's ground-breaking research in areas ranging from cancer studies to sustainable energy: research that impacts on society and people’s lives.

Its extensive academic portfolio offers over 600 taught postgraduate programmes and a wealth of research opportunities. 


Grant amount

  • £2,500 per month

This funding is intended as a contribution towards US-UK travel, institutional fees, accommodation, and general maintenance costs while in the UK.