The Urology Foundation

The Fulbright Urology Foundation Award enables UK academic or professional urologists or urology nurses to pursue relevant research at any accredited US higher education institution.

This grant covers any appropriate three to nine month project.

Research can be into biomedical or clinical practice, or in healthcare and social areas, but must focus on the care and treatment, or cause and prevention and cure of those suffering from urological diseases.

Grantees will not be permitted to practise clinically in the US; research projects must not involve direct clinical contact with patients.

The Urology Foundation's mission is to increase survival and quality of life for urology patients and, one day, to cure all urology diseases. The money it raises is invested directly into research to find better treatments and cures, and in educational training for urology professionals to care for and help people affected by urology conditions.

Working with researchers, urology and health care professionals, The Urology Foundation is saving lives and improving the outlook and outcomes for urology patients.

Grant amount

  • $5,000 per month

This is intended as a contribution towards any institutional fees and accommodation & maintenance costs while in the USA.