The Fulbright Postgraduate Student Award at The New School enables a British graduate to pursue a master's degree in any discipline available at the institution.

The New School in New York City is a progressive urban university where the walls between disciplines are dissolved, so that journalists can collaborate with designers, architects with social researchers, media specialists with activists, poets with musicians.

In 1919, a few great minds imagined a school that would rethink the purpose of higher learning.

The New School is an amalgamation of a world-famous design school, a premier liberal arts college, a renowned performing arts school, a legendary social research school, and other advanced degree programmes, created to challenge and support freethinkers who want to change the world.

Students from around the world come to Greenwich Village and The New School to participate in an intellectual life of critical analysis and experimentation.

Grant amount

  • Tuition waiver for the first year of study
  • $2,000 per month for the first year of study

This is intended as a contribution towards general maintenance costs in the USA.