Imagine learning directly from thinkers such as Plato, Shakespeare, Nietzsche, and Galileo. St John's is a liberal arts college with a distinct purpose: reading and discussing the great books of Western civilization.

Johnnies participate in interdisciplinary discussion classes of 19 students or fewer. There are no lectures or majors.

Johnnies are original and unconventional, love ideas and discussion, and debate the authors who changed our world, from literature to science, mathematics, philosophy, music, language, and more.

St John's is one college founded in 1696, but there are two campuses to choose from—Annapolis, Maryland, or Santa Fe, New Mexico—each with approximately 450 students.

Basic details

  • Region: Northeast / West
  • Location: Annapolis, Maryland; Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Campus setting: Rural
  • Type of institution: Private; Liberal Arts College

Admissions information and areas of study offered


  • International students are eligible for: Need-based aid; Merit-based scholarship
  • Estimated yearly cost (including tuition, board, room and student fees): $49,310


  • Athletic association for the majority of sports: N/A
  • Varsity sports: Men's Fencing; Women's Fencing; Men's Rowing, Women's Rowing; Men's Croquet, Women's Croquet; Men's Sailing, Women's Sailing

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