John Lithgow Recieves Fulbright Lifetime Achievement Medal

John Lithgow at the Fulbright Association Achievement Medal DinnerAward-winning actor and Fulbright Alumnus John Lithgow received the Fulbright Lifetime Achievement Medal at a dinner hosted by the Fulbright Association on 13 April.

Responding to his award, Lithgow stated: “I felt honoured for the last forty plus years simply by being called a Fulbright scholar ever since 1967 when the Fulbright Commission sent me over to London to study for two years, as it turned out, at LAMDA, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. A fantastic experience where a team of brilliant and eccentric teachers tore me down and built me back up, gave me lessons in voice and diction and stage movement and historical dance and choral singing and fencing and fighting and tumbling and, basically, turned me into the actor that I have been ever since.”

For more information about John Lithgow and to view his whole speech: Visit the Fulbright Association website