US Ambassador welcomes Fulbright grantees to the UK

Press Release, Fulbright Programmes

The US-UK Fulbright Commission is proud to announce the American scholars of its 2016-17 cohort. During this academic cycle, 91 American scholars will be coming to the UK on exchange to study, lecture and/or research. Their expertise covers a diverse range, including immigration, cyber security, race relations, political journalism, human rights and radicalisation.

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15 Sep

43 state school students admitted early to top US universities including Harvard, Yale and Princeton

EducationUSA, Press Release

The daughter of a hairstylist and a teenage carer are among 43 British state school students from low and middle income homes who have won places to study at top US universities through the Sutton Trust US Programme, run in conjunction with the US-UK Fulbright Commission, it was announced today. They will join 135 Sutton Trust alumni already studying in the States.

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8 Jan

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