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"The US application process honestly is a little bit more time consuming than the UK one.  However, as long as you're prepared and organised early on, then it's by no means insurmountable. Get started early, and be organised."
Richard, John Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies

Similar to applying for postgraduate programmes in the UK, students submit a separate application to each postgraduate programme in the US. Students can apply to as many universities as they wish, though for time and cost purposes we recommend you choose 4-6 universities.

Each university will set its own deadlines, applications requirements, etc. Fortunately, most applications will follow a similar format, and you’ll be able to re-use or adapt the materials you prepare for each application.

Most applications will include:

The key to submitting a competitive application is to allow plenty of time to complete each of the steps of the process, concentrating the majority of your effort on revising for admissions exams and writing a strong personal statement. If you need extra help studying for admissions exams, preparing your applications, or are interested in an exam preparation course, please see our resources page for information on test tutors and educational consultants. You can also download EducationUSA's handout with Seven Tips For Graduate Study.