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About the GED: If you stopped education after your GCSEs and you plan to apply for a four-year bachelor's programme immediately, universities may require you to sit the GED exam. The GED can be used to demonstrate US high school equivalency (completion of secondary school). It includes sections in Language Arts/Writing, Language Arts/Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Maths. The tests take approximately 7 and a half hours all together, but the five sections do not all have to be taken in the same sitting. Scores range from 200-800 on each of the five tests.

Registration: You can register online via the GED Testing Service's website three weeks before the testing date.

Fees: Check the GED Testing Service's website for up-to-date pricing

Test Dates: On an appointment basis (generally offered four times a week).

Testing Sites: London

Enquiries: See the GED Testing Service website or ring +44 (0) 161 855 7440 or by email at