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If you can imagine yourself as a first year on that campus, go there and don't worry too much about where it sits on college rankings: if you enjoy yourself, you'll succeed....

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at University of Virginia

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Choosing Universities

I would recommend applying to many different schools, and don't always necessarily apply to sunny states, or large schools, or schools located in the city. America is very different to Europe and so I think it's best to keep your options open and if possible visit the school before your start as a freshmen. Lauren, University of Tampa

Students applying to universities in the US are spoiled for choice! With 4,500 universities to choose from, narrowing your search is not always an easy task. However, it can be an exciting and surprising process. Many students find a great match at a university or town they'd not previously heard of! Further, the number and diversity of US universities will allow you to find a university that fits your unique interests, skills and educational goals.

Before researching US universities, we suggest students and parents do an honest assessment of their expectations for university study and priorities for selecting a university. Unlike UCAS, there is no limit to the number of universities you can apply to. However, as you will submit a separate application to each university, your goal should be to narrow down your list to 6-8 universities to which you will apply.

To help you choose the university best suited for you, we include information about: