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Application Timeline

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The US application process follows a similar timeline to UCAS. Ideally, the process of applying for undergraduate study in the US will begin 1-1½ years before enrolment. For most students, this is during the spring/summer at the end of Year 12 or school Lower Sixth Form.

Do not panic if you are entering Upper Sixth and just now are getting started. You will simply need to work at a faster pace! And if you are in your GCSE year, you can get a leg up on the process by starting early!

We also have information for:

To help you understand the admissions process, we have created an application timeline for students.

If you do not choose the US for your full undergraduate studies, you may wish to consider completing an internship, a short-term study abroad programme such as the The Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) for European Student Leaders, or your postgraduate studies in the US.