Across the Pond public webinar series

Our Across the Pond public webinar series brings together two Fulbright Scholars from either side of the Atlantic to discuss the intersection of their interests.

Transatlantic conversations between our scholars address global challenges of all natures, and are a celebration of the civic engagement at the heart of the Commission's work.


Scary Science: Responsible Public Engagement within Scientific Research

'Scary Science' explores the communication and ethical responsibilities of researchers working on the cutting edges of their fields. Our event speakers, Thomas Baker and Tony Sorial, both work in fields that generate "scary" headlines: from the ever-increasing power sophistication of computers, to the editing of the human genome.

Disease Detectives: Tracking the Covid-19 pandemic

'Disease Detectives' examines some of the different ways in which we can track and model infectious diseases such as Covid-19. While the contributions of medical sciences to the pandemic are widely reported, the involvement of researchers from other disciplines are less commonly discussed. Over the last 18 months, Mathematical Biologist, Alex Best, and Engineer, Caitlyn Butler, both worked on efforts to model and track the spread of Covid-19 infection.

Tackling Trauma

Tackling Trauma explores the consequences of physical and psychological trauma in modern society. Neurologist Lucia Li, and clinical child psychologist, Heather Taussig, see trauma regularly in their work as practitioners in the field. In this event they discuss their observations and learnings.