The Fulbright Alumni Award is supported by the alumni network and awarded to postgraduates who embody exceptional ambassadorial qualities. 

When you make a gift to Fulbright, 100% of your donation goes to scholarships. Meet the previous Alumni Award winners, supported by the generosity of Fulbright alumni.

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Genevieve Ryan

University of Houston, 2021-22

"I am so grateful to have been selected, not only for a Fulbright Award, but also an Alumni Award. It speaks volumes about how transformative Fulbright programmes are, that alumni choose to support others who are following in their footsteps to enjoy the same experience. 

A central component of the Commission’s mission – to develop compassionate leaders – is embodied by the kindness of the alumni who fund this award. This support means so much to me.

Attending the University of Houston will provide life-changing opportunities and help me build skills and conduct research in my area of interest that simply would not have been possible in the UK."

William Carter

University of California, Berkeley, 2020-21

"Being awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, with the additional accreditation of the Alumni Award has afforded me an opportunity to showcase the importance of support. Yes hard work ‘can’ pay off, yes socio-economic barriers continue to be almost impermeable – but there are people within society that facilitate opportunity not just by what they are afforded to ‘materially offer’ but the manner in which they support and humanise you. 

And better still, being part of a cohort that contains doctors, mental health nurses, educators, LGBT activists and innovators – the current class of Fulbright scholars, and soon to be alumni imbue that very same ethos. Support and encouragement matter, and you will find this plentiful through what will be a challenging but rewarding application process."

Jem Bartholomew

Columbia University, 2019-20

"I honestly never expected my life to unfold in this way – if you’d told me at 16 I’d be flying to New York to spend a year as a Fulbright scholar, I’d have dismissed the idea as a fantasy. I’m so grateful to the alumni donors for turning my dreams into reality!

In a way, to be awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study at Columbia Journalism School is much bigger than me. It’s a vote of confidence in the type of writing I’m determined to produce: socially engaged journalism that strives, unashamedly, to make the world a better place."

Catherine Penman

New York University, 2018-19

"Growing up in a Scottish town, the idea of studying literature in New York City was a scenario only fit for the movies.

Since starting my MFA at NYU, I have been inspired beyond measure by both the city’s endless energy, and the incredible thinkers I’ve been exposed to."

I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to the Alumni donors who have made this life changing opportunity possible!”


Richard Wade

Parsons School of Design, 2016-17

"Since beginning my MFA I have been given opportunities that were unattainable in Northern Ireland. Having the opportunity to make new work in the USA has led to my photographs being exhibited in New York, Ping Yao, Beijing and St Petersburg, all in less than one year of joining the school.

I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to all those who kindly donated towards my university experience. It has changed my life and allowed me to accomplish goals that seemed impossible just two years ago. Thank you!"

Aurimas Bukauskas

University of Bath, 2016-17

"The focus and self-sacrifice of the Fulbrighters in addressing really difficult social, political, and technical problems is humbling and eye-opening. We've had political action meetings, hiked the English countryside, and had many deep conversations.

These friendships, and the expansion of thought from this experience will change the course of my career and life decisions.

I sincerely hope that inspired, passionate young people in the future will continue to have this opportunity, and I would like to do whatever I can to help them get there."

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