University of Roehampton

The Fulbright University of Roehampton Award covers any one-year master's degree in dance offered by the institution.

A frontrunner in international dance research, the University of Roehampton’s Dance Department is the most highly rated dance department in the UK, as evidenced in REF2014, with 94% of our research judged world-leading or internationally significant. We have long been leaders in the field of dance research, through our seminars, conferences, performances, publications and engagement with organisations beyond the University

Our master's programmes celebrate diversity and speak to the imperatives of a changing dance ecology in the 21st century:

  • MA Dance Anthropology
  • MA Dance Politics and Sociology
  • MA Dance Philosophy and History
  • MFA Choreography *
  • MRes Choreography and Performance
  • Choreomundus: International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage
  • MA Dance Practice and Performance 
  • MFA Dance and Embodied Practice * 

Grant amount

  • Full tuition waiver
  • £17,609 living stipend
  • $1500 travel stipend

The living stipend is intended as a contribution towards general maintenance costs towards the first year in the UK.

In the UK, master's degrees are typically one-year programmes (full-time) and PhDs are three-year programmes (full-time).


*Our MFA degrees are two-year Master’s. Please note that this award will only cover funding for the first year if you choose one of these programmes.