British Library

The Fulbright British Library Eccles Centre Award covers a six-month research project for an appropriate discipline at the institution.

The Eccles Centre for American Studies works to increase awareness and use of the British Library's extensive collections of books, manuscripts, journals, newspapers, maps, sound recordings and other materials related to the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

The Eccles Centre is a springboard for developing ideas and advancing research. Our goal is to connect users with the British Library’s North American collections. We work with promising talent to expand their thinking and uncover new inspirations. In doing so we bring together minds spanning the creative and academic disciplines.

The Centre’s programme includes a range of events designed to illuminate all aspects of North American literature, history, politics and culture.  We nurture our growing community of talented writers, thinkers and creatives through a range of awards which enable great work to happen.  Our range of study resources are designed to help inspire those exploring the British Library's Canadian, American and Caribbean collections. 

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Grant amount

  • £2,890 per month

This funding is intended as a contribution towards US-UK travel, institutional fees, accommodation, and general maintenance costs while in the UK.