Which exam?

There are many postgraduate admissions exam formats accepted by US graduate schools, depending on the programme:

  • GRE: for most master's and PhDs, and some business degrees
  • GMAT: for most business degrees (more and more business schools are accepting both the GRE and GMAT)
  • LSAT: for JD degrees (LLMs do not generally require the LSAT)
  • MCAT: for medical school
  • DAT: for dental school

The most competitive PhD programmes might require the GRE with a GRE Subject Test.

You can take free sample tests on each exam’s website.

Check the exam and language proficiency requirements for each programme to which you apply.

Test centre locations and dates

Most exams are computer-based tests available in many sites across the year, and some now offer the opportunity to take the exam from home, but to be certain check the relevant website:

The MCAT and DAT require registration to search for test sites and dates.

GRE Subject Tests

 The GRE Subject Tests available are:

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology

English language proficiency

If you have not been educated in an English-language school (eg a Welsh-language school or an overseas school) you will likely have to prove your proficiency in English. You should check which exam each university accepts, but the most common are: