First Annual Barzun Prize for Youth Engagement awarded for Fulbrighter projects

Two Fulbrighters have been awarded $10,000 each to run pioneering projects in their host communities in the UK during their Fulbright year, as part of the inaugural Barzun Prize for Youth Engagement.

The awards, which were the brainchild of Former US Ambassador Matthew Barzun and his wife Brooke with generous funding from them, will be awarded annually to fund projects by American Fulbrighers to deliver local community projects while they study in the UK.

The two joint winners were:

  • Anthonia Carter’s project “Bridge” runs innovation workshops for teenagers in Newcastle and Gateshead, using Design Thinking to help them come up with innovative ideas to make an impact in their community.
  • Nicholas McCarty’s project will give teenagers in London the chance to conduct hands-on biology experiments. The students will design and print a 3D sculpture, before painting them with fluorescent bacteria which they will use for experiments.

Four further runners-up were given $1,000 towards their projects.

Former US Ambassador Matthew Barzun with the winners and runners up.

The awards were given at a ceremony at King’s College in London at the end of January 2018 by the former Ambassador.

Fulbrighters pitched their projects using short videos to communicate their idea and impact.

Former Ambassador Barzun commented, “The indispensable US-UK bond isn’t a treaty between London to Washington, but is made of millions of caring and committed relationships across the ocean and across generations. Its staying power depends on these “sinews of peace” as Churchill called them, not only on Number 10 or 1600 Pennsylvania.

“Fulbright has for decades helped build and nurture special relationships, one by one, which is why Brooke and I are so proud to support it in any way we can. These award winners take time out of their already busy academic pursuits to make new connections with the next generation, and for that we are so grateful.”

Matthew Barzun was appointed by President Obama in 2013 as the American Ambassador to the Court of St James in the United Kingdom.  He served in this position for three years and during his time in the UK made it his mission to spend as much time as possible out of London speaking to young people, especially sixth formers. In total, he visited 165 schools and spoke to 20,000 students.

He engaged actively with the work of the Fulbright Commission, greeting the new American Fulbright Scholars on their arrival in the UK each year. On leaving, he and his wife wanted to give the US-UK Commission a gift that would speak to their time in the UK and create a lasting legacy.

Barzun Prize for Youth Engagement winning videos