Fulbright Scholar addresses the Northern Ireland Assembly

On 14 April 2015, Professor James Nehring, Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Fulbright Scholar (2013-14) at Queen’s University Belfast, presented his Fulbright research of four Northern Ireland post-primaries at the Northern Ireland Assembly. 

While at Queen’s University Belfast, he investigated the Diffendoofer Dilemma (see Dr. Seuss), which asks, “How does a school under great pressure to teach to a required exam, manage, also, to teach the whole child?”

Among the attendees of Professor Nehring’s talk were politicians and educators as well the US Consulate General in Northern Ireland and the Lord Mayor of Belfast. During his talk, Professor Nehring made a case for the education of the “whole child” and said the best schools teach academic knowledge alongside skills that equip pupils for modern adult life. He hopes that his research and talk at Stormont will open doors for more work with the Peace Process in Northern Ireland.