Which exam?

There are two undergraduate admissions exam formats accepted by US universities:

  • ACT, administered by ACT, Inc
  • SAT, administered by The College Board

You can also sit the ACT with Writing. 

There are online resources comparing the two tests side by side, like this table from the Princeton Review.

Which test you take is up to your personal preference. You can take free sample tests on each exam’s website, and should play to your strengths. Please note that since September 2018, the ACT has been computer-based for international test-takers.

Check the exam and language proficiency requirements for each university to which you apply.

Test centre locations

Location might determine which test you take:

English language proficiency

If you have not been educated in an English-language school (eg a Welsh-language school or an overseas school) you will likely have to prove your proficiency in English. You should check which exam each university accepts, but the most common are: